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RISE: Otsego Substance Free Coalition was established in January 2018 as a substance-free coalition in Otsego County. The coalition aims to prevent youth substance use, increase community awareness, and create change through collaboration, education, and prevention initiatives. These initiatives are data-driven and come from the minds of youth members. We always welcome new youth and adult members. 

Adult Coalition Members

  • RISE Project Coordinator: Ellen Templeton, Health Department of Northwest Michigan

  • RISE Chair: Matt Muladore, Otsego County Undersheriff

  • RISE Co-Chair: Rob Pallarito, District Director for State Sen. Michele Hoitenga

  • Susan Pulaski, Health Department of Northwest Michigan

  • Corey Hebner, Michigan State Police

  • Harold Terry, Michigan State Police

  • Michael Rola, Otsego County Prosecuting Attorney 

  • Dennis Keck, Gaylord Community Schools

  • AnnaMarie Deeter, Village of Vanderbilt

  • Karin Beyer, Otsego Community Foundation Community Liaison

  • Jodie Balhorn, Northern Michigan Regional Entity

  • Helen Craig, Health Coordinator COP-ESD

  • Joyce Fetrow, Northern Michigan Opioid Response Consortium

  • Donna Hardies, Up North Prevention

  • Stephanie Weizer, Up North Prevention

  • Brooke Donker, NEMCSA

  • Chad McDonald, Gaylord E-Free Church

  • Brenda Kann, DHHS 

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