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90% of Americans who meet the clinical criteria for addiction started using substances before the age of 18 ( Help your teen avoid this trend by keeping substances out of their hands. 

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Test Kits

Give your child an extra tool to battle peer pressure. We have drug, alcohol and nicotine test kits available to you at NO COST. Hang them on your refrigerator and when your child is presented with peer pressure, they will have another reason to say NO knowing they can be tested at any time.


    Local statistics show one of the main ways youth gain access to substances is through parent supply. Lock up your alcohol, controlled prescriptions, and marijuana to reduce the likelihood youth that live in, or visit your home have access to these items. We have bottle locks, cabinet locks, and lock boxes     available for substances. 

You can usually find us in person at community events, parent teacher conferences, and sports games handing out parent resources, but you may also contact us or pick any of these items up at the Health Department of Northwest Michigan at 95 Livingston Blvd. Gaylord, MI 49735.

create a contract

Teenagers are more likely to follow guidelines they help create. Get together to design rules and consequences that work for you both, then consider putting the details in writing to make sure you're on the same page (now and in the future). Use our sample contract as a guide to establish rules about drugs and alcohol. Set clear rules about drinking and drug use for your teen and provide guidelines for open communications for both of you. 

Vaping: It's NOT harmless.

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